Video Interviews

Welcome to the Valeo Resources Video Interview page. On Demand Video Interviewing is just one of the many ways that Valeo Resources strives to go above and beyond the average agency and deliver additional value to our client and candidate relationships.
Introducing an awesome new way to interview - ON DEMAND! Our clients simply invite candidates to record responses to standardized questions via webcam whenever, wherever. Then just watch, rate, share and compare the ones you want on your own time. It's just like streaming previews of your favorite movies. You can even watch them from your smart phone or at 30,000 feet.

Save time and money

Benefits to Clients:

  • SAVES TIME: No more scheduling hassles. Candidates take video interviews on their time, you review and rate them back-to-back, on your time. No need to spend courtesy time with someone who isn't a fit.
  • SAVES MONEY: No need to fly out candidates that you can quickly eliminate by video.
  • IN-DEPTH LOOK: Go beyond the paper resume and see the soft skills like polish, professionalism, personality and enthusiasm that you can’t see in print.
  • OBJECTIVITY: See the real candidates answering the same questions on camera, and rank them objectively.
  • MOBILITY: Cloud-based technology and Mobile apps allow candidates to take interviews anywhere and managers can watch them anywhere.
Super hero

Benefits to Job Seekers:

  • Showcase Yourself: Go beyond whats on paper. This is an opportunity to showcase yourself. Highlight your personality, your polish and professionalism, your ability to present to others and other intangible "soft" skills that aren't reflected in your resume.
  • Momentum: You take the interview on your time, the managers review it on their time. This allows the process to move at a quicker pace, not dictated by other people's schedules.
  • Fairness: More consistent questions. Everyone takes the same interview and answer's the same questions.
  • Exposure: Impact multiple hiring managers with one digital interview.
  • Convenience: iPhone, iPad, Android mobile apps along with cloud-based technology let you take the interview anywhere, at your convenience.
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